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Ithiberus (Tib)


Emblem: A heart with a snake coiled around it.


Ithiberus, whose name is usually shortened to Tib, is the Watcher of fighting, strength and courage.  He is revered by all warriors and prayers are given to him before a battle.  He was the only Watcher who was not a part of Lilac's family and was, in fact, the son of Saldoni and Hepica.


Ithiberus was the squire to the king and, when the king died leaving no heir, the people nominated Tib as his successor.


Always Tib lived worrying about his mother, and often she would come and torment him.  Tib knew that he had to destroy her, but could not forget that she was his mother.  He married Rose and they had a son.  Tib never lost a fight and was the greatest king in history.


When his people came to appeal about the dragon, he knew that this was his chance to redeem himself of his mother.  He killed the beast, but it fell on him and killed him.  


Saldoni wept for her creature but not her son.  Hepica, however, did.

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