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What's the Story?

When The Warrior, Wat, returns home only to find his village torched and his family dead, he is plunged into the reality of his role.  Accompanied by a young farm boy, Drew, who hopes to become The Warrior's squire, Wat is forced to follow the events to the palace at Swadellon, the capital city of Maladan.  From here, Wat accepts the challenge that his ancestry has set before him.  


But the court at Swadellon is ensnared by another evil: Carndan has embedded a spy within the palace.  The West stands on the brink of war and soon it becomes apparent that a darker force than a rivalling nation is behind the attacks on Maladan.

At twelve years old, Drew’s farming hometown was destroyed by mercenaries, forcing him to travel with Wat to the capital city of Maladan, Swadellon, in the hope of becoming the Warrior’s squire.  Drew grows up throughout the story and learns more about the world – and himself – than he could ever have done as a farmer. 


He is loyal, honest and respectful but, due to his age, there are still many things he needs to learn.  

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