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Tarl (Welcome)



Ruler:  Monarch (always a Queen)


Main Trade:  Silk and cotton


Capital City:  Ponall


Something interesting about Carndan:  The small, northern nation of Tarl is a contradiction to many of The West's cultures.  Though belief in the Watchers is as predominant here as across the other countries, Tarl has no Cardinal and there are no established churches.  Because of this, many Disciples, Sages and Packs head north to Tarl to seek a safety here from prosecution by the church.


Tarl is ruled by a Queen and all things in the country are run and dominated by women.  As a result of this, there are very few women who travel outside of Tarl and it is believed that only a man with a great strength of will can live happily with a Tarlish woman.


Despite these apparent restrictions, according to Tarl's culture it is an obligation to provide a traveller with a bed for the night.  It is a welcoming country, and though its stereotype is of meddlesome people, in truth they are just interested in and accepting of all people.

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