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Emblem: A heart with a dagger through it.


Rose is the Watcher of beauty, love and strength of heart.  The eldest of Lilac's children, she later became a queen when she married Tib.


Saldoni always appeared as an old woman when she met Rose because, it is said, she could not outdo Rose's beauty.  Never did she try to tempt her, but she always mentioned Tib's parentage.  It would seem that Saldoni found Rose's choice of husband very amusing.


Rose herself was a fighting queen and she always rode with Tib into battle and was a true rally for her people.  Her love for Tib was deep, despite Saldoni's scorn and, when she found out that Tib was dead, she gave her son to the squire and stabbed herself through the heart: becoming one of only three of the Watchers known to have died.


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