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Roldan (Wild Land)



Ruler:  Parliament


Main Trade:  Tobacco


Capital City:  Ardenon


Something interesting about Roldan:  As a nation, Roldan has little interaction with the rest of The West.  In its founding years it fought and conquered great stretches of land.  It has maintained peaceful ties with the city of Gamay with whom they have maintained a trade route.


The west of the country was destroyed by wildfires that laid waste to thousands of acres and hundreds of small villages.  Since that time the government have sought to rebuilt the economy with the prospering trade of tobacco that grows plentifully on the central plantations of the country.


Vast areas are now left to deer that are hunted for a trade in skins, and are now the only inhabitants of the ancient city of Haranon, which was comsumed by the wildfires.

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