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Emblem: A bow, arrow and quiver.


Rodarn, the husband of Lilac, is the Watcher of Hunting and is revered by all hunters.  It is common for offerings to be made to him after a successful hunt.


Rodarn was the son of the hills and, despite his identity as a hunter and Lilac's as Mother Nature, it is thought that their marriage was arranged by Hepica because Lilac was the daughter of the plants and Rodarn was the son of the land.  Rodarn knew of Hepica's feelings towards Lilac but they did not cause him any concern: Lilac loved Rodarn and Hepica both.


His bow was a gift from Hepica, but it was Hepica who laid down the laws of hunting: no creature of his was to be killed for sport; only hunt what was needed; and there was to be no waste from the hunt.  Rodarn respected these laws and became Hepica's favoured man.  


Rodarn received visits from Saldoni initially, but these stopped when he shot down her dragon.


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