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Rald (North)



Ruler:  Monarch


Main Trade:  None


Capital City:  Gonclowin


Something interesting about Rald: The small nation of Rald was once three times as big as it is now and stretched down to the mountains now embedded in Carndan.  Gonclowin was a defensive city built by Gamaic forces since it stands on the central and highest hill in modern day Rald.  When word of rebellion reached Rald, a band of peasants penetrated the castle of Gonclowin through trade carts and defeated the trained soldiers whom they killed while they slept.  A monarch was elected and has ruled since, the line passing to the eldest child irrespective of gender.


Four years after Carndan lost the war against Maladan, in 156na, Carndan formed an alliance with Cantaldan and Haviona.  Rald was poorly manned and equipped to handle the invasion of three nations and the army was pushed back to Gonclowin.  Here, King Alton roused his men for a final attack of stealth and, at sunrise, he rode out in his carriage under a white flag and asked that trade carts be allowed to leave the city.  Alton was granted his request but was slain by his enemies.  At nightfall, the trade carts revealed the last ninety soldiers of Rald, who slaughtered the gathered armies, giving birth to the saying "as sly as a man of Rald".  King Alton's son ordered the troops to reclaim the land, but they stopped at the scout lines of the bigger opposing armies and formed the area which it still holds.  Ninety is still the number of castle guards in Gonclowin.




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