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Ralandan (Land of Riches )



Ruler:  Parliament


Main Trade:  Animals and animal products


Capital City:  Jol Tall


Something interesting about Ralandan:  Throughout Ralandan's history there has been unrest in the land.  Their greatest rivals have always been Maladan with whom they fight for stretches of fertile land in the north and the right to trade down the river in the south.


The fiery-haired inhabitants of this nation are said to have tempers to match.  Twenty-five years ago there was a bloody civil war that almost halved the population of the vast country.  The king was overthrown and, after two years of unrest, peace was finally maintained by the new parliament who moved the capital city from Momaltan to Jol Tall.  It is a shaky peace, however, and the land is full of family feuds and murderous bandits who seek to prolong the events of the civil war.



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