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Phirdan (Fertile Land)



Ruler:  Monarch


Main Trade:  Fruit and Vegetables 


Capital City:  Gemallia


Something interesting about Phirdan: The single lily of Phirdan derives from the romantic legend of the founding father of the nation.  King Antantra, the first king of Phirdan, had only one son and wished to have him married well so that his line would continue.  He requested that each hopeful suitor should come forward and present their dowry.  Banteetha, Antantra's son, had secretly been courting the daughter of a peasant miller and, when he heard of his father's plans, he urged Jameeth, his lover, to present herself.  But Jameeth's father could not afford a dowry for his daughter.


When Jameeth came to offer herself to Banteetha, she laid a single lily across his lap, unable to afford anything more.  Antantra flew into a rage and ordered her to be cast out of the castle, but his wife rebuked him, saying that no amount of gold could outweigh the beauty of Lilac's flowers and Hepica's gift of life.  Banteetha married Jameeth on Lilac's feast day.


Phirdan's strongest allies have always been Roldan and Aldan, although the comapratively recent marriage of Hazel and Fulke has allied Maladan too.


The fruit industry prospers in the moist, warm climate of Phirdan, whose capital Gemallia is surrounded by orchards.  However, the country is self-sufficient and can afford neither exports nor imports on any great scale.  Phirdan has successfully repelled two attempts of Gamaic invasions, firstly in 246na and again in 641na.


The royal succession has changed once, due to the termination of the line and the throne was passed to the son of the dead king's wife, whom she had borne to her first husband.


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