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Maladan (Free Land)



Ruler:  Monarch


Main Trade:  Fruit and Wine


Capital City:  Swadellon


Something interesting about Maladan: Its first king, Seth, was the son of a farmer who worked the land close to the Great River, near to what is now the city of Jol Tall.  His father and elder brother were killed by Gamaic soldiers and so he took up the fight against them.  He was outlawed , but his knowledge of the land protected him and he gathered up a force of country folk to rebel against Gamay.  Reinforcements were late in coming from the Empire, and Seth was able to gain back the Watchers' lands.  According to legend, Seth's emblem of the stark tree and wheel reflected where he buried the Gamaic captain that he killed close to his house, beneath his mother's orchard.  The trees no longer bore fruit nor leaf.  The wheel is representative of his fleeing in a farmer's cart to escape the Gamaic army.  He later married the farmer's daughter, Fern.


Seth erected the great palace at Swadellon, but it was later added to, most extensively by Domeaniel II who commissioned the  building of the "sun of Swadellon", the great dome.  The cathedral was also built by Seth's command.  It is said that Domeaniel II tried to make the palace as tall as the cathedral but he ran out of money and resources.  Some claim this to be the work of Hepica for daring to challenge him whilst others believe it was because of the way Domeaniel treated his family members.


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