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Emblem: A sickle, quill and inkpot.


Magio is the Watcher of farming, scholars and serenity.  His devout followers, called Sages, are not permitted in The West.  However, they are rarely persecuted for their beliefs but turned away from many places.  Those granted the gift of prophecy, however, are often accused of witchcraft and hunted and killed.


He was the eldest child of Rodarn and wrote a number of prophecies concerning future events, most of which appeared to make very little sense.  He also wrote many poems, ballads and songs.


Magio moved to a small farming community when he was 21, where he stayed, writing and farming.  Little more is known of him, although it is thought that he had many meetings with Hepica.


Without doubt, he also had visits from Saldoni but he never wrote openly of her, although she was most likely the "fair though foul" woman that keeps appearing in his writings.  Magio certainly wrote the most accounts but they are difficult to decipher because all his writing is in riddles.


His followers believe that his prophecies are the key to the future and that it was Hepica who granted him foresight which he joined with his brother Dredican's star-reading to predict the future.

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