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Emblem: Oak leaves and acorns


Lilac is the Watcher of nature and contentment and her blessing is sought by all mothers.  When a woman becomes a mother for the first time, she will often make an offering of flowers to the Watcher.  Lilac is thought to be the mother of all living things and she is often referred to as "Shemila Nutteng", Mother of Nature.  


Some people believe that Lilac married Hepica, but few true facts are known of her.  She is believed to have been brought to life with Hepica's initial birth of animals and is rumoured to be the daughter of the woods.  There is reason to believe that Hepica married Lilac: he certainly loved her and fathered her children, Bodarian and Rose.


Lilac is thought to have met with Saldoni many times, as Saldoni bore a grudge against her because she had Hepica's love.  Each time, Saldoni tried to trick Lilac into hurting Hepica, but each time Lilac dismissed her.  Eventually she told Saldoni that she [Saldoni] could not understand love, let alone feel it.  After this, Saldoni withdrew to underground and did not bother Lilac again.


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