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Fun and Games!


Writing can be pretty tiring, even though it's one of the most amazing things in the world.  So, to pass the time away during those otherwise-agonising hours of writer's block, we created some fun and games.


They all have a "Watcher's Heir" theme and they are completely free to download or use.  



(Coming soon)

As any fantasy fan will know: in Fantasy World, everything is out to get you!


Snakes and Daggers is our take on the classic game (snakes and ladders, for those of you who didn't play it as children) with a Watcher's Heir twist.  Here's a clue: the roses are the ones you really want to land on!


The snake and dagger is the emblem of the Warrior and you can read the traditions of the emblem here.

Prince?  Warrior?  Squire?  Or Barmaid?  They all have a place in The Watcher's Heir.  But who are you most like?


This quiz should begin to answer that question.  We don't accept any responsibility if you don't like the person who you are most like though!

This game is a lot of fun - and it's another one that children can enjoy as well.


Choose your character (you have six options) and try to get around the Palace at Swadellon without being found by the Carndan spy!


The game only takes a short time to play, but we love variations on it - such as a small prize for the person who gets into their role best!

Which Watcher
are you???
(Coming soon)

Which Watcher would you be?  Do you love the great outdoors like Lilac, Rodarn and Magio?  Or prefer a pub and a game of cards like Bodarian?


Find out which Watcher matches you best by taking this quiz.  But be warned - we've thrown Saldoni into the mix as well!

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