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Emblem: Bread and wine.


Foltereen is the Watcher of food, drink and merriment.  As well as being a favourite amongst women, her worship is also popular with innkeepers, and it is thought to bring favour upon their establishment if they show homage to this Watcher.


The only daughter of Rodarn, Foltereen's visits from Saldoni came when she was just a child.  Saldoni brought a starving child to her, and Foltereen leant forward and placed her hand on its forehead.  From that moment on, the child never knew hunger again.  Saldoni did not waste a minute and began casting aspersions among the religious leaders that Foltereen was blaspheming and eventually the leaders agreed that she was a threat to the faith.


Foltereen dedicated all her life and strength to helping the victims of war, famine and drought.  It was said that, if she touched you, you would never know hunger or thirst again.


Because of this, the church had her burnt to death.  From the place where her pyre was built there grew a great tree, providing fruit all year round, and a spring broke the dry ground and provided a never-ending supply of water.  Those who drank from the spring or ate the fruit of the tree were never thirsty or hungry again.


During the years of Gamaic rule, the location of this spring became lost and it has now passed into the realm of legend.


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