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Foldonia (Seven Ports)



Ruler:  Anarchy


Main Trade:  None 


Capital City:  Salk


Something interesting about FoldoniaFoldonia was a prosperous area under the sway of the Gamaic Empire and held three of the huge sea ports that were used to repel the pirates.  The impoverished towns of Salk and Sav Liona are built upon the sites of two of them, although earthquakes destroyed the original ports.  The third port collapsed into the sea in 395na, costing the lives of all its inhabitants, including the imperial palace and all the country's nobility.  Many believed it to be an act of Hepica's anger, for the nobles had oppressed the peasantry for generations.  Since then, many conflicts have occurred within the country over who should rule in the monarch's absence.


In 670na, the country fell into the hands of the Pirates in their first attack upon the West.  Since then, it has been under heathen rule, more oppressive than the monarchy ever was.  Due to the taxes imposed by the Pirates, Foldonian merchants are forced to give 45% of their produce to the Pirate Lords and failure to do so results in torture and death.


Under Pirate rule, cats are considered sacred and many birds are considered evil.  The only mark of rebellion by the weary Foldonian people is that they maintain that the swan is their national emblem, although any caught using this image are imprisoned or sometimes killed.  


Foldonians are a leaderless people with no money, trade or fight, and this stereotype has endured for many years: firstly under Gamaic influence, then their ill-chosen monarchy and now the pirates.


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