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We thought that people might have lots of questions for Virginia and we've pre-empted some of them based on feedback from friends and literary acquaintances.  If you have a specific question about the story then please feel free to contact us separately.



When can I buy the book?

Soon! Very soon, I hope!


How many books are there?

There are ten books in total - the first book having twenty-one chapters.  I have already written most of the first five books and have dipped into the odd chapter here and there of later books, only the bits with my favourite characters though!


Who is "The Watcher's Heir"?

Wat is the Watcher's Heir, although the full extent of his title only becomes clearer as the story progresses. 


Who is your favourite character?

I think my favourite character is probably Wat, although I love reading and writing about Hu, and El is my ideal man!


No women then?

I identify most closely with Pouwl - she's a very cool woman but she's from the second book, so you won't meet her for a while.


Where do you get your inspiration?

I get a lot of inspiration from music and that's why the Art manifests itself in this way.  Like many writers, I'm also inspired by my favourite authors: people such as Robert Jordan and Alexandre Dumas.  Finally, I love people-watching so I get inspiration from making up stories for the people I see.


How does it end?

I'm not sure I should answer this question!  With a battle and the aftermath.  I've written out a full plan for the ending of the book so that it can be completed if I ever disappear!


What format will the book be available in?

It's only going to be available as an ebook download.  It may be published in hard copy depending on interest but that's just a faraway thought at the moment.


Why did you opt to publish it in this way?

Simply because it suits the purpose of the book.  You can read more about the thinking behind this here.



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