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Emblem: The moon and two stars in a bottle.


The Watcher of Magic and Sorcery, Dredican was the youngest of the Watchers.  He was born dumb and could not speak for the entirety of his immortal life.  Many people shunned him because of this and, although his mother and father (Lilac and Rodarn) tried to help him, Dredican ran away from home when he was fifteen.


Dredican was guilty of every magic art under the sun.  When at last he managed to find a way to communicate with people, the Empire was forming and his time was over.


As with all the other Watchers, Dredican received visits from Saldoni.  She offered him the gift of speech, but Dredican laughed at her in her own head, and told her that he had found his tongue: in other people's minds.  Saldoni was so scared at Dredican's telepathic abilities that she left him well alone.


Followers of Dredican, called Disciples, are strictly forbidden in the West, and the use of the Art is punishable by death.


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