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Carndan (Land of Silver)



Ruler:  Monarch


Main Trade:  Silver


Capital City:  Arnadell


Something interesting about Carndan:  During the war against Gamay, Olsford was one of the greatest warriors.  When Gamay was fought back and the Land of the West was created, Olsford was awarded a great stretch on account of his efforts in the war.  Since then, every king has called his eldest son Olsford, although the royal line has taken several twists and turns since then.


True to the spirit of this great man, Carndan has always been a nation at war, having completely conquered and consumed one nation and gained land from three others.  The nation's spirit is to continue to conquer and its people are often ruthless in their goals and passionate in their endeavours.  This stereotype has been strained in recent years, however, as many men have perished against the Maladan forces and press gangs have been called up to recruit more soldiers.  Only Maladan has entered a war with Carndan without facing defeat, a matter of national annoyance for the army.

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