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Emblem: Three Aces (Cherries, Suns and Snakes)


Bodarian is the Watcher of Trickery.  Gamblers and rogues have an appreciation and admiration for him, believing that prayers offered to or through Bodarian will grant luck and good fortune.


Bodarian was the only son of Lilac and Hepica, which would certainly explain why Bodarian was granted a Watcher's immortality.


Bodarian is thought to have been the only person (excluding Hepica) capable of beating Saldoni and that was by playing her at her own game.  He could turn any treason, cheat or jibe against the one guilty of it and is said to have met Saldoni only once.  She offered him kingdoms and power over everything and she would not stop harassing him until he agreed.  He replied that he would play cards against her but if he won then she had to return underground.


Saldoni removed the three aces and placed them under the table.  When the time came to lay the cards, Bodarian had all three aces, having slipped them around without Saldoni noticing. 


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