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The Author (Virginia Crow)

From Virginia's website:


"To understand Virginia you have to understand that each rule of nature needs an exception.  And then you must appreciate that being an eternal optimist is the only way to make all things better.  When you can comprehend these two things you can crack open the metaphorical nutshell and find her there inside.


All that she is and all that she knows ("believe it or not," she says, "I do know some things!") she tries to put to work in art, poetry and prose.  The professions of artist and writer have long since been accepted as belonging to impoverished dreamers and so, thankfully, Virginia also believes that she has the perfect job as a music teacher."



Virginia, who is a fourth child (of six), was born in Lincolnshire in July 1985, but the family moved to the Orkney Mainland when she was eight months.  She spent her formative years first on the outskirts of Stenness and then in a haunted Wreckers' Cottage in Breckan, Deerness.  


She returned to Lincolnshire when she was ten and finished her schooling in England.  After school, she gained a BA(Hons) in Theology from the University of Hull.  Coming from a family of teachers, Virginia opted to study for a PGCE and went on to teach at two secondary schools before becoming a private music tutor.


In April 2010, Virginia moved to Wick, Caithness and continued with music teaching and a number of creative projects, including the one that you see before you now!


Virginia spends her time playing music - as well as teaching it - and singing.  She also enjoys crafting and walking beside the sea, whether on cliffs or beaches.

This story has been a long time in the making.  It has changed a great deal in that time, but we thought it might be fun to see how Virginia has changed in that time.  

So, with that in mind, here is Virginia's school photo from the year she started the story: 2000.

Now that the story is officially "Out There", we thought we ought to post a picture of the up-to-date Virginia.

This photo was taken in April 2014 at Fota Wildlife Park in Cork, Ireland.  Much more fun than school, we think!

5 Things that make Virginia
unique and unusual...
  1. Her nose, which is mostly inherited from her father's side.
  2. Her effect on the puppy.  Virginia can calm down the crazy family dog simply by sitting next to him.
  3. Her smiliness, which guides her day-to-day living.
  4. Her great love of cheese.
  5. Virginia vowed never to become a teacher.
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