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Arleeon (Setting) 



Ruler:  An Earl


Main Trade:  Spices


Capital City:  Rhotan


Something interesting about Arleeon:  Arleeon is a nation of divided riches, with some of the wealthiest and some of the poorest people in The West living in the same cities.


The wealth of Arleeon is in the spices that are grown along the rivers and imported at the main port: Rhotan.


In the year 574na, thre was a movement, led by Liefstene, to overthrow the monarch and redress the balance between the rich and the poor.  This was successful.  However, eighteen years later, Liefstene was executed for the death of the former king.  Power was handed to the earls.  Each earl may hold the title of ruler for five years and can never reclaim it once their period is up.  There are fourteen Earldoms in Arleeon.  With this new system, the gap once more widened between the classes until the poorer people were evicted from Rhotan on The Day of Crushed Spirits, only to rebuild themselves a home on the north harbour.


There is an undercurrent of bitterness in Arleeon that often results in unrest, both in the court and on the streets.

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