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Andana (Land of Lands)



Ruler:  Monarch


Main Trade:  Metal ores


Capital City:  Iswa


Something interesting about Andana: Andana has always maintained its monarchy, despite the apparent uncaring that exists between monarch and subjects.  In reality, this gap is not the desire of King Alond but, due to the weak nature of his predecessor, the nobles of the court have more authority than the king himself.


Andana was once filled with small villages across its open plains but, as time passed, more and more people flooded to the mountains, which are rich in ores.  Some believe that the dragon who is buried there made the ground fruitful with its corpse; a gift from Rodarn, who slew it.  Others took this further and announced that it was good of the dragon, and then Saldoni.  This view resulted in the Massacre of Iswa, when the people of the city killed almost all of those associated with Saldoni, in 474na.  Her followers fled into the mountains and out to the plains, where their descendants still live.


Now only the riverbanks and the city of Iswa are occupied andn one dare to venture beyond.  The plains belong to Andana in history only and they are now largely empty and barren.  None invade for fear of Saldoni's followers or the great creatures that have been sighted there.


In truth, Andana is vast and empty, but is saved by the superstition of The West.  Hence the few people to be found there are outlaws and pirates.  The pirates stayed only a short time in the plains, however, just long enough to claim the court.  King Alond did not consent, but his courtiers overruled him through cowardice and the promise of power.

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