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Aldan (Sky Land)



Ruler:  Monarch


Main Trade:  Farming, fishing and tolls on the river


Capital City:  Astol


Something interesting about Aldan:  The country of Aldan has been a seat of the same royal line for seven hundred years, with a king always ruling from the capital, Astol.


Supporting the king is a group of fifty men who are chosen for their loyalty.  They are a secret society drawn from across the land, each with a title and a role to fulfill.


During the Ralandan civil war, Aldan offered its support to the monarchy.  When the King of Ralandan fled, it was believed that he took refuge in Donneleska, a legendary village in the salt marsh plains of Aldan.  No such place has ever been discovered so this appears to be nothing more than a myth.


Aldan is a secretive nation by its nature, trying to preserve its culture within The West.  Aldan is the only nation in The West whose borders have remained unaltered, with the royal line always defeating their opponents even when heavily outnumbered.

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