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Ahdan (Land of Ice)



Ruler:  Monarch (divided into four)


Main Trade:  Iron


Capital City:  Mundell


Something interesting about Ahdan:  Ahdan is divided into four factions, ruled over by residing lords.  Legend says that, in the year 5na, when King Drantarn was dying, he called all four of his sons to his deathbed and promised them all the throne of Ahdan's capital, Mundell.  When each son found out that his brothers had also been promised the throne, a civil war broke out.  Ultimately, it was decided that the eldest son should inherit Mundell and the mountains, the second was given the flood plain of the three rivers, the third was given the south east plains and the fourth was given the northern, barren tundra, but all three younger sons were answerable to their eldest brother.


In recent years, Ahdan has begun to slide under Gamaic influence.  A fighting group, Madica Fallia, the army of the youngest son, still fights against Gamay, but the organisation is outlawed.


The iron industry is shipped from the mountains and down the rivers to Sumal and on to trading ports throughout the West.  The tax provides money to the Mundell and Ridarak regions, as well as the flood plains of Cradanth.  Tolls on the Carldon-Gamay road bring money to Drandeth, but the barren area of Agathay has no income.


It has always been the duty of the King of Ahdan to have four heirs who inherit the four factions, irrespective of who is already residing there.


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