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"Slowly, and with hand on sword hilt, the cloaked man trod up the remaining length of the hill.  To him, his steps echoed horribly along the walls of the street, but no one else would have heard the soft footfalls.  The houses, which were never exactly welcoming to him, seemed dark and imposing.  They stared accusingly down at him, daring him to go any further, scorning him for leaving them in the first place.  The feeling of dread rose as he reached the inn's door.  Now fully drawing the sword from its scabbard, he laid a hand on the large weooden door.  He spared a brief glance for the sign as it swung above him; a man carrying a flaming torch and a sword.  The writing underneath had faded, but the stranger could just make out the name:

The Warrior's Stand."

Book 1; Chapter 1
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We know that it's always a bit of a risk buying a book from an author without knowing anything about it.  That's why we have created this website : so that you can find out more about the people and places who feature in the novel and can then make a nice and informed decision about whether or not you want to buy the book.  Even then, it's only a chapter at a time!


Basically, this website is for you: the reader.  We want you to become a part of this book, because it was written simply for the pleasure of those who would enjoy reading it.  


Browsing this website might take a while because we've put a lot of information on here.  Hopefully not too many spoilers though!  There are pages which will tell you about the geography of The West and about the people who feature in the story so that you get to know the characters in advance.  There's even a quiz to tell you which character you're most like!


We have also included a page about the author (Virginia Crow), which means that you can see where the inspiration for the story comes from.

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